Why a Major in Public Relations is the Perfect Fit

Mad MenChoosing a major in college can be stressful. Having to make that one decision that defines your next four years and future career is overwhelming! However, the decision to major in public relations is one I will never regret.

As a freshman at Auburn University, I had never heard of public relations. I only knew what I was good at… writing, editing, event planning, and all things social! My college career began in marketing (not creative enough) and then interior design (too creative). My advisor finally suggested public relations, and I couldn’t be more thankful for that guidance.


While there are several required courses, the public relations major gives a variety of classes and elective to choose from. For example, I am able to take a Business Marketing class as well as a Writing for Television and Film class! Some of the required public relations courses include Journalism Fundamentals, Multimedia Writing for PR, Case Studies, PR Research and Style & Design.

Office SpaceThe coursework at Auburn University made me a better writer, stronger communicator, and a more effective event-planner. Through projects and presentations, I have learned how to work in a group setting and become comfortable speaking in front of an audience. Many classes have real-world clients involved, where you have the opportunity to conduct research or develop a campaign from start to finish for them. This class experience has given me great confidence in my public relations abilities, whether I’m in an internship or office position.


Auburn University requires every PR major to complete an internship before graduating. This requirement makes you more attractive to companies and helps broaden your horizons before a job search. The internship program must also prove that it actively strengthens a student’s PR skills. Therefore, the day to day intern work isn’t the typical coffee run and office work! Instead, PR students can learn and contribute to the workings of the organization.

Using MemesThe internship opportunities are truly endless, as every company needs an intermediary between the organization and its audience. It can be helpful to network with clients and begin building those relationships early. Internships can also help you to discover more about your interests. Through my own summer internship at a creative agency, I had the opportunity to work with multiple clients on event planning, press releases, websites, graphic design, and so much more. It helped me realize just how much I loved working with social media and digital content strategy!


One of the best things about the public relations major are the endless job opportunities available. Public relations is a versatile major, with skills that benefit in a variety of industries. Entertainment, athletics, fashion, healthcare, politics and non-profit organizations all utilize PR practitioners. A career in PR definitely doesn’t put you in a box!

Public relations is for the creative, the entrepreneur, the leader, the innovator, the writer, the communicator, the social media savvy, the designer, the problem-solver, the analyst, the researcher, the curious, and the driven.

Many public relations graduates choose to work with either a firm (such as an advertising agency) or go into corporate or “in-house,” which is investing in one client over time. Both avenues of work have their own pros and cons, and I’m still not 100% certain which course I will take in the future.

Public Relations

Public relations practitioners can easily become event planners, media relations experts, marketers or social media managers. Any job that requires strong writing skills and relationship-building would fit perfectly. From an advertising agency to a Fortune 500 company, your PR major is what you make of it!

Does a major in public relations interest you? Visit Auburn’s College of Liberal Arts website to learn more.

Snapchat: How to Use It for Your Business

Snapchat Discover Publishers

Snapchat reaches 41 percent of all 18 to 34 year-olds in the United States on a daily basis. If that statistic doesn’t surprise you, you might be more impressed to learn that half of all new users signing up for Snapchat are over the age of 25.

Given the app’s insane popularity, it’s hard to believe it launched just six years ago. Over 150 million people now use Snapchat to watch 10 billion videos every day. For those who are social media savvy, that’s 10 billion daily opportunities to build greater awareness of your brand!

Plus, 71% of Snapchat’s users in the United States fall into the 18 to 34 age range. Even if your audience doesn’t fall into that demographic, Snapchat is becoming a vital part of consumer marketing strategies. Here are a few ways you can use Snapchat to delight your audience and grow brand awareness.

Invite Your Audience In

People love to get a look behind the scenes at their favorite brands. Snapchat allows you to give exclusive content that’s more intimate than any other social media app. Whether it’s through Snaps of employees on the job, company outings or an office tour, Snapchat allows followers to see how your culture differentiates from the competition. Seeing employees enjoying their jobs and engaging in fun activities can make a customer feel as though they’re part of the team too.

This function can also be used to give a quick yet effective product demonstration or a sneak peek of what’s yet to come. And because Snapchat offers an immersive video experience, taking followers behind the curtain can be even more impactful than through a simple Tweet or Instagram photo.

 Take Advantage of GeoFilters

You can have a lot of fun with the platform’s native tools and features by adding face-swapping filters, text or even Bitmojis. Geofilters have proven to be a highly effective method for increasing brand awareness. When Snapchatters in your chosen location take a Snap, they’ll be able to select your Geofilter graphic and overlay it on their Snap.

If your company is offering something exciting, an On-Demand Geofilter makes it easy to connect your brand to something Snap-worthy. An excellent way to use this feature is by creating a Geofilter for popular local events. This $5 investment can quickly expand your audience reach and increase word-of-mouth advertising.

Tell a Story on your Story

Finally, some of the most entertaining Snap Stories are those that create a narrative. Show off your storytelling by crafting an exciting episode. If users can see this structure in your posts, they’re more likely to spend time watching them. You can keep it simple with something like a day in the life of an employee, or even give your intern a top-secret mission told through “self-destructing” Snaps! Whatever you decide, make sure it fits with your brand image and keeps users engaged through compelling storytelling.

Many companies are still feeling out their Snapchat identity, but this unique tool offers a way to interact with consumers like never before. So if your business hasn’t already invested resources into this app, there’s no better time than now! Expand your brand name and step up your Snapchat game.

The 10 Best Brands on Social Media

  1. Coca-Cola

    Coca-Cola is one of the most-recognizable brands in the world, so it’s almost unfair to compare them to any other. Coca-Cola still sets an example with impressive social media presence across all platforms. They use different tactics on each channel, but maintain a cohesive brand message. Coca-Cola also engages their followers through social media. The brand’s personality directly reflects their target audience: young people who value fun, friendship and sports. That’s why their integrated marketing campaign, “Share A Coke,” became so popular worldwide. It’s happy, refreshing and all about sharing good times.

  2. GoPro

    GoPro’s social media strategy hinges on user-generated content. The brand makes it easy for anyone—amateurs, professionals, athletes, families or friends—to submit photos and videos captured using their GoPro cameras. This not only makes for great content to share on social media, but it also shows off their product in action. Customers are excited to see their pictures feature in GoPro’s Instagram “Photo of the day” series. By putting their customers at the center of social content and harnessing the power of user-generated content, GoPro can easily produce amazing posts.

  3. Denny’s

    Denny’s social media presence is … interesting. “America’s Diner” is perfectly content to say whatever it likes on social media, even when it doesn’t relate to its products. The company’s social media posts are often silly and never sound as if there was any corporate planning or oversight involved—which is most likely what resonates with the younger audiences, making Denny’s a fan favorite for the younger generation. They do a great job reaching this younger demographic by keeping it a little weird.

  4. Red Bull

    Red Bull was one of the first brands to fully embrace its role as a content publisher. The energy drink brand that’s all about music, racing and extreme sports often focuses on selling this lifestyle. The concept that Red Bull ‘gives you wings’ is reflected in all the action-packed images they use on social media, as well as the death-defying stunts captured on video. A recent PR stunt called “Stratos” saw Felix Baumgartner jump from space and freefall for 23 miles until he parachuted onto the ground.

  5. spotify

    Spotify’s innovations in social media are driven by the belief that music is social. The music streaming service relies on tools like Facebook and Twitter, and allows users to link their accounts to easily share their taste in music with friends or followers. Spotify also uses their data to make content smarter and more social. They’ve been using data to create more personal, listening experience for years now, generating custom playlists and rolling out their annual Year in Music. In 2016, Spotify also crunched user data to playfully highlight some of the more bizarre user habits. This campaign has spread like wildfire through social media, and inspired another series in 2017 mocking silly playlist names.

  6. Netflix

    It may be because Netflix has a excess of data on its users, but it seems like the company really understands who its social audience is. Whether it’s a famous quote from one of its available titles, or a gif that summarizes how most of us feel about the video streaming site, Netflix continues to create content that resonates with users. Netflix knows how to turn its own streaming content into promotional assets that not only resonate with their audience, but perfectly showcase what’s now available on their site.

  7. Dove

    In an age of social media sass, Dove’s steady and impactful social message stands out as marketing that’s more than just marketing. Dove’s Self Esteem Project has encompassed various campaigns, from #nolikesneeded to #speakbeautiful. Dove has a beautiful goal when it comes to social media. As read from the company’s Twitter bio, “Dove is committed to helping women realize their beauty potential by creating products that deliver real care.” That’s not just a nice tagline, either–Dove is constantly creating content aimed at making women truly feel good about themselves. Dove truly understands the meaning of beauty – and it comes from within.

  8. Kate Spade

    In L2’s Digital IQ Index, which ranks fashion brands according to their website, digital marketing and social media awareness, Kate Spade beats well-known global luxury brands such as Gucci, Hermes and Chanel. Most of their tweets, posts and pins aren’t even of products you can buy on KateSpade.com. But the non-promotional updates help build customer loyalty and understand the message the brand wants to convey. “The shortest answer is that we really wanted to engage with our girl. Of course commerce is important, but it’s not only about commerce. Engagement drives commerce. The more engaged a girl is with the brand, the more valuable she is to us,” said Kate Spade CEO Craig Leavitt.

  9. Old Spice

    The Old Spice campaign has proven to be one of the most memorable creative marketing and advertising concepts ever executed. One of the writers behind the Old Spice campaign Jason Bagley said. “No one expects to ask a question and then be responded to. I think that’s where we broke through.” The marketing team responded personally to tweets with custom YouTube videos, this both surprised and amazed the global audience. The genius of the campaign was that users could submit questions to the Old Spice man and, within minutes, watch a video response to their question.

  10. Oreo

    If you follow Oreo on social media, then the brand’s addition to this list should come as no surprise to you. Oreo must have an entire crew of designers on standby because it’s constantly churning out fresh, relevant content on its social sites. One of the brand’s best campaigns played out during Halloween of 2013, when Oreo created a Vine video series spoofing classic horror films featuring cookies. Oreo creates fantastic content that’s relevant to topical events.

10 Best Super Bowl Commercials

    1. Carnival, “Come Back to Sea”

      Carnival began the night with a well-crafted, nautical version of 2014’s “Farmer” ad for Ram trucks. The voice over is John F. Kennedy in 1962.

  1. Snickers, “The Brady Bunch”

    Snickers’  spoof of The Brady Bunch features the best take of the “You’re not you when you’re hungry” formula we have ever seen. It has the perfect ending, too, with Dave Buscemi acting as Jan.

  2. NFL, “No More”

    After all the scandal the NFL has been through with domestic violence, this year, the league is working to resurrect its image. This ad is subtle, chilling, and based on an actual 911 call.

  3. Weight Watchers, “All You Can Eat”

    Weight Watchers created an attention-grabbing ad with all of America’s favorite junk food. Pointing out America’s over-consumption on a day known for greasy fried foods seems unfair, until you realize you’ve eaten an entire bowl of cheese dip.

  4. Avocados from Mexico, “#FirstDraftEver”

    Niche food ads aren’t known for being this funny, but Avocados from Mexico nailed it in this spot recreating the very first draft.

  5. Nationwide, “Invisible Mindy Kaling”

    Mindy is charmingly goofy in a world where she believes she is invisible (spoiler alert: she’s wrong), with a surprise cameo by Matt Damon.

  6. Budweiser, “Lost Dog”

    Not nearly as good as “Puppy Love,” but everyone loves it anyway. Who can resist adorable puppies?

  7. Bud Light, “Real Life PacMan”

    Whether this was staged or not, a real life PacMan game sounds just as entertaining as it is to watch in this Bud Light spot.

  8. Kia, “The Perfect Getaway”

    Pierce Brosnan still has it! Kia created a getaway so unexpected that even the star himself didn’t see it coming. Here, Brosnan’s agent attempts to persuade the former 007 to star in a romance movie.

  9. Clash of Clans, “Revenge”

    Take note, World of Warcraft — this is how you do a proper gaming ad! Liam Neeson makes an appearance as one angry opponent you definitely don’t want to overestimate.